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Washington State Nanny Payroll Template (Excel)

When I went back to work in December 2014, we hired a full-time nanny (40 hours per week) for our boys. She’s been an absolute God-send, but figuring out how to pay her above board has been a bit of a headache. I was so stressed about messing things up either for us or for her, but it all has worked out well. And hey, now I have a new skill!

Sometimes I feel self conscious when I tell people we have a nanny. It sounds so spoiled and hoity-toity, but it’s actually cheaper to do childcare this way than to put them both in almost any daycare around the greater-Seattle area. (Cue the sound of outside-of-the-home working families barfing cash all over Puget Sound.) That said, I know we are tremendously fortunate. We hit the jackpot with our own personal Mary Poppins. She is incredible and the boys are getting very high-quality care while we’re both at work.


I first looked into using the Breedlove payroll service — I’m sure they do excellent work — but I couldn’t justify spending nearly $2,000 per year on something that I knew I could figure out on my own. Yikes.

I found several payroll templates and guides online, and then created this hybrid from a few different examples. It has worked well for us, and I’ve shared it with several friends over the past year. You’ll need to plug in your own numbers to the formulas (hourly rate, state unemployment tax percentage, etc.), but it’s pretty straightforward. I hope you find it useful!

(Disclaimer: Although I did a lot of research about paying our nanny correctly in Washington state, I am neither an accountant or an attorney. I give no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability with regard to any information contained herein, including but not limited to text, pictures, data, points of view, suggestions or external web links and disclaim any responsibility from any mistake or omission of the materials and contents and any explicit or implicit guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency or reliability of such information, including but not limited to a guarantee related to website quality or the non-infringement of a third party’s rights. So there.)